Seadrift Classic & Coast Duo Pack
Seadrift Classic & Coast Duo Pack
Seadrift Classic & Coast Duo Pack
Seadrift Classic & Coast Duo Pack
Seadrift Classic & Coast Duo Pack
Seadrift Classic & Coast Duo Pack

Seadrift Classic & Coast Duo Pack

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Seadrift Distillery, handcrafts in small batches on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
They're on a mission to change the way adults drink, providing the choice to step back from alcohol for a round, a day, a month or permanently.
  • 0% Alcohol
  • No Calories
  • 100% Natural & Vegan
  • Award-winning non-alcoholic drink
  • Great tasting alcohol alternative
  • Australian Made, Australian Owned
Seadrift is made using the same traditional distillation process that has been used for centuries to create spirits such as Gin and Vodka. Traditional copper stills are slowly distilled at low temperatures to create a fresh botanical tasting drink. The copper dome of the still helps to concentrate and capture the natural flavours and aromas, producing a smoother, fresh-tasting spirit. Fresh herb ingredients are freshly cut and supplied fresh each day, from the best local growers around Sydney.
This Duo Pack includes:
1 x Seadrift Classic, 700mL
  • Silver Medal Winner – London Spirits Competition 2021
  • Silver Medal Winner – London Spirits Competition 2020
1 x Seadrift Coast, 700mL
  • Silver Medal Winner – London Spirits Competition 2021

Seadrift Classic Tasting Notes

  • Coriander, Lime, Kelp
  • Seadrift is a bracing infusion of fresh coastal and sea botanicals, distilled in traditional copper pot stills to create an intense, refreshing, adult drink.
  • Bouquet - With top notes of coriander and lime
Seadrift Coast Tasting Notes
  • Basil, juniper & lemongrass
  • The drink opens with the natural sweetness of freshly torn basil leaves combined with the citric zing of lemongrass.
  • This evolves into the peppery complexity of juniper and finishes with a faint note of Golden Sea Kelp, that coats the mouth and helps all the flavours to linger for longer.
  • Serve 50ml’s over crushed ice with your favourite tonic.
  • Perfect served with seafood or Asian cuisine
  • Make or shake a Seadrift Cocktail Recipe (Blood Oyster or No-spresso Martini) 
  • Join the movement of people who put balance and choice into their drinking experience

 Seadrift non-alcoholic spirit cocktail

Blood Oyster (non-alcoholic spirit cocktail)

This makes a beautiful seafood canapé or a great hangover cure, It looks amazing and tastes even better.
160ml of Seadrift Classic
120ml tomato juice
6 dashes of tabasco
5 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
a good pinch of sea salt
ground black pepper
tsp of paprika
squeeze in a full lime
Rim a glass with sea salt charge with ice and top with a Sydney rock oyster.
Sprinkle with kelp and enjoy.


No-spresso Martini, non-alcoholic spirit cocktail, Australian Made

No-spresso Martini (non-alcoholic spirit cocktail)

20ml Seadrift Coast
20ml demerara sugar syrup
1 shot espresso coffee
Serve in a martini glass
Top with vanilla foam and native wattleseeds to serve.

Vanilla Foam:
Place 3 egg whites, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla essence, 90ml sugar solution and 30ml lemon juice in a cream foamer and double charge. Makes 500ml of Vanilla foam.


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