Sapiir Tasting Pack-Brunswick Aces-200ml-All Australian Made-Remarkable Humans
Sapiir Tasting Pack-Brunswick Aces-200ml-All Australian Made-Remarkable Humans

Sapiir Tasting Pack

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Remarkable Humans Promise – Made in Australia

  • Premium Botanical Sapiir 
  • Delicious Non-Alcoholic beverage – for use in mixed drinks to offer interesting, adult tasting mixed drinks as alternatives to alcoholic cocktails.
  • Brunswick Aces’ Spades Blend Sapiir is inspired by savoury fresh gin, leading with notes of green cardamom and parsley, beautifully balanced by sweet citrus and native Australian Lemon Myrtle.
  • Brunswick Aces’ Hearts Blend Sapiir is inspired by spicy warm gin, leading with notes of cassia bark and ginger, beautifully balanced by sweet citrus and native Australian Wattleseed

Your Impact – Why It Matters

  • In choosing this product, you are encouraging positive conversations about healthy living.
  • With friendships at the heart of Brunswick Aces' mission, you too can ensure your guests feel welcome, and well catered for, with non-alcoholic alternatives that don’t mean they have to sacrifice flavour or the fun.
Not sure which blend you feel like?
  • The Sapiir Tasting Pack is a great place to start, as it comes with both Blends, along with 2 bottles of Tonic water so you're ready to go with your Sapiir & Tonics. 
Included in this pack
  • 1 x 200ml Spades Blend Sapiir
  • 1 x 200ml Hearts Blend Sapiir
  • 2 x 250ml Capi Tonic Water 
How to Enjoy
  • Make a simple Sapiir & Tonic for a refreshing summer drink or a complex non-alcoholic cocktail to make that midday lunch gathering. 
  • Brunswick Aces are committed to furthering the Sapiir genre within the drinks industry as a whole.
  • A huge part of enjoying mixed drinks is the ability to select from a range of options and drink different Sapiirs depending on the particular drink or occasion.
  • For those conscious about their health and wellbeing, as well as the taste and enjoyment of a drink, it’s of utmost importance that these options are as readily available their alcoholic cousins in bars, restaurants, events, and homes.
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Remarkable Humans Promise – Australian Made Products

Our No.1 selection criteria is that each product is made in Australia. So when you purchase at Remarkable Humans, you can be 100% confident in your choice.
We stand behind every product we sell – as we’ve read every label and spoken to every Vendor to understand how their products are produced.
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