Altina Light Me Up Zero Proof Craft Cocktail

Altina Light Me Up Zero Proof Craft Cocktail

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Altina Light Me Up features forestberry, a native eucalypt with an interesting pink berry characteristic as the hero ingredient. Supported by native wattleseed, which brings a round nuttiness. As the flavour develops, taste the sweetness of apple and feel the astringency of the green tea play on your tongue. Finishing with a kick, the flavours linger and develop as you continue to sip. 

  • Non-alcoholic Light Me Up cocktails are lightly sparkling,
  • Best served ice cold.

As with all of Altina Drink’s Zero Proof Craft Cocktails, Light Me Up non alcoholic cocktails capture the essence of natural ingredients, without relying on excess sugar, fruit juices, or artificial colours and flavours.

Free from alcohol, but not depth of flavour, enjoy Light Me Up without moderation.

Earning its spot as Australia's most popular and top non alcoholic cocktail option. Perfect for any occasion or season; summer drinks, events or a relaxing night in.

  • 0% Alcohol (ABV)
  • Australian Made
  • Low sugar and low calorie
  • Gluten free
  • Handcrafted in Canberra
  • Family run business
  • 750ml Bottle


Altina' delicious non-alcoholic products & drinks are powered by plants and contain barely any sugar so you can have peace of mind while sipping away on a sophisticated drink. 

Whether you're looking for sparkling non-alcoholic drinks, mocktails, booze-free wine alternatives, sobriety gifts, festival cocktails, zero wine, alcohol removed wine, 0% alcohol, non-alcoholic spirits, non-sparkling moscato or a healthy drink option, there's a flavour here for all taste buds. 

Sophisticated, beautiful and flavour forward drinks are available to all. Guilt-free fun drinks without alcohol, minus the hangover. 


We all know that drinking too much is bad for your health, causes problems in relationships and leads to poor performance at work or school. But most of us still want our drink on occasion without feeling guilty about it later.

Altina's non-alcoholic products are the perfect solution. Altina drinks are guilt-free alternatives that taste great and don't cause any of the negative side effects associated with alcohol consumption. Unlike other non-alcoholic beverages, their products come without all that sugar, they're vegan friendly and best of all they're low on calories That means you can enjoy them whenever you like without worrying about calories or gaining weight!

In choosing a Brunswick Aces product, you are encouraging positive conversations about healthy living.

With friendships at the heart of Brunswick Aces' mission, you too can ensure your guests feel welcome, and well catered for, with non-alcoholic alternatives that don’t mean they have to sacrifice flavour or the fun.



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