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Time to Make a Difference

Hi, we’re Eliza & Jemma

Remarkable Humans is our new online shopping destination, born thanks to COVID-19.

It all came about because early 2020 was chaotic for us, as it may have been for you. We were still coming to terms with the devastating summer bush fires, years of drought; and then the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Our plans were put on hold, loved ones fell ill to the virus, borders closed, and as social distancing kicked in, we watched businesses all around us do their best to adapt.

Eliza had work opportunities disappear overnight, and on March 28, Jemma, lost her job.

This was our tipping point—and as a result we decided to join forces, combine our talents, and do something to make a difference.

We were listening to our friends, neighbours and what the Australian people were saying. How do we help support our country’s recovery and what can we do to make any impact? The more we listened, the more we knew we could help.

It became our mission to change Australia’s shopping habits, one product at a time, by creating a new way to find and buy Australian Made products and share why it matters.

It matters because every time you choose an Australian Made product, you are making a difference to a local business, their workers, the community, local families, and our industries. You’re helping to create jobs, feed money back into our local economy and support the long-term health of our country.

aka The Auntie + The Niece

Supporting Australian Made

We are curating some of our finest pioneering retail brands, alongside emerging and innovative ones that are just waiting to be discovered. We’ve created a place where you can make a conscious purchase decision. A place you know where your money is going, and the impact it is having.

Labels can sometimes be confusing or misleading. So, you can shop here with confidence because we’ve checked every label. Forget browsing dozens of online stores looking for a needle in a haystack—we’re All Australian Made and all in one place.

Some would call us crazy for launching a new business in the middle of a pandemic—but hey, here we are—we thought it was the perfect time!

All Australian made

The First Curated Marketplace!

Our vision is to offer a different kind of shopping experience—a trusted curated marketplace. A destination to find incredible Australian Made products and the remarkable stories about the people who created them—all in one place. 

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