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Rohr Remedy

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13 products

A Queensland-based natural skincare brand whose products are created from rare Australian medicinal botanicals and combined with dermatological science.

As a leader in Australian clean beauty, Emily Rohr, the founder is committed to:

  1. The environmentally sustainable collection of their plant ingredients

  2. Supporting ethical trading with the Indigenous landowner they work with 

  3. Creating a range of Australian made products that are natural, bio-active, effective, and luxurious

Natural Australian ingredients make Rohr Remedy shine. Some of the high-quality bush medicines they use include:

  1. Boab

  2. Desert Lime

  3. Fragonia

  4. Gumbi Gumbi

  5. Honey Myrtle

  6. Kakadu Plum

  7. Kunzea

  8. Lilly Pilly

  9. Tamarind Seed

  10. Macadamia

  11. Quandong

  12. Rosalina

  13. Seaweed

Meet the Maker in our interview with Emily herself! Her knowledge of Australian native skincare ingredients is unmatched, and is reflected in her high-potency, clean beauty range. 

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