Lük Beautifood

Luk Beautifood (pronounced ‘luke’) uses nutrient-rich ingredients to feed your natural beauty.

100% Natural Award-Winning Lipstick. Clean Beauty. A-Beauty

Made in Australia and created by food scientist and chef Cindy Luken, these lip products are full of vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and good fats that are essential for healthy skin.

Did you know you eat over 400 lipsticks in your lifetime? So, creating 100% natural lip care that smells, tastes and feels amazing is Luk Beautifood’s obsession.

They’ve done the hard work eliminating plastic and synthetic ingredients (which can comprise up to 99 percent of a standard lipstick), so you can relax and enjoy beautiful lip products that don’t just look gorgeous - they’re also good for you. 

Their signature Lip Nourish™ is a daily luxury that’s quite literally good enough to eat. Featuring botanicals such as fruit extracts, herbs, seeds, spices, and cold-pressed organic citrus oils, it moisturises and conditions while adding a hint of colour, which you can leave sheer or in some of the variants build to a deeper shade. The result is smooth, nourished, glowing lips.

Location: Sydney, NSW Australia

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4 products