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Jackson Miles

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12 products

Jackson Miles was called “a cracking local brand” by GQ Magazine, who praised its fig and cedar scented products as “sublime”. 

They are passionate about quality skincare for men, creating products that are:

  1. Premium

  2. Natural

  3. Honest

Jackson Miles has certainly come a long way since three Melbourne-based friends broke the taboo around male skincare in 2017 and began a conversation that turned into a business.

 They wanted skincare products that would: 

  1. Fit easily into a daily grooming routine 

  2. Protect and preserve their skin in any conditions

  3. Smell great

  4. Look aesthetically pleasing in the bathroom

The result is a range of essential products for men that’s entirely owned and made in Australia.

Woody scents bring a sense of warmth and familiarity while scientifically rigorous formulas work hard to keep your skin happy and healthy, whether in the Australian Sun or an Arctic blast.

Location: Melbourne, VIC Australia

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