Australian Made Jewellery

Australian Made Jewellery

49 products

49 products

Australian made jewellery is the perfect addition to any collection.

Our gorgeous range includes:

  1. Rings

  2. Earrings

  3. Bracelets

  4. Necklaces

Our pieces can be worn 24/7. Unlike costume jewellery, fine jewellery is made from solid gold or sterling silver, not plated. 

Many of the world’s oldest rock formations can be found here, creating a vast range of precious gems and minerals that make Australia unique. 

The gemstones and Australian Argyle diamonds you’ll find in our pieces are genuine, not created in a lab. The Kimberley region of Western Australia is home to the Argyle deposit, where some of the highest diamond grades in the world can be found!

Best of all: purchasing Australian made jewellery helps to support local families and communities all across our country.

Whether you are looking for yourself or searching for a special gift, our local craftsmen and women offer fashion-forward designs and have something to match your style.

Our current product ranges include:

  1. Australian Diamond Valley

  2. Madeline Jane Jewellery

  3. Twelve AM

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