Dr Francois Visser and Mariki Visser's mission is to restore native bee populations to bush and forest, supporting the natural ecosystem.

Why Shop Australian Made Brands?

The Australian Made Campaign (AMCL) has announced the launch of the first ever Australian Made Week (24-30 May 2021) and as Retailer Supporters, Remarkable Humans couldn’t be more excited. The initiative comes after a challenging year for many Australian businesses, and aims to celebrate and support local makers and growers around the country.

Choosing a product made in Australia over something from another country has a ripple effect that flows far beyond the joy you get from the things you purchase.

…that ripple effect is felt right across our local communities.

Why get behind Australian made brands?

Your purchase is supporting our local growers, keeping Australian manufacturing industries alive, and giving back to local industries.

This in turn gives our economy a boost, supports local and small business, creates Aussie jobs and preserves the skills of our many talented artisans.

The Power of One

At first glance, the impact of changing your shopping habits, may seem insignificant. We can ask ourselves, “Will my one purchase of an Australian made product or gift really make any difference to the country’s economy?”

“The economy” sounds so big, right? And it is. But that shouldn’t deter you, because the economy is just made up of lots (and lots) of 1-dollar decisions.

And those 1-dollar decisions to buy Australian made, when repeated regularly and consistently by you, by your friends and also your family members, all add up to making a big difference.

Make Australia Strong – Make Your Next Purchase Something Australian Made

Buying a product from a local business, fundamentally enables them to stay open. By staying open, these businesses can continue to provide vital products and services to our communities, and in turn support their families and pay their workers.

The same way your bank balance grows through regular deposits and compound interest, our economy will grow, become healthier and recover faster from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and Australia’s natural disasters.

But it goes beyond that for many Australian businesses. So many we have met, have an ethos of giving back. Some offer opportunities to people in difficult situations, some support Australia’s cultural heritage, and others are saving our environment.

Beyond the Product – Aussie Businesses Give Back

Here are just a few of our remarkable brand partners and how they give back.

Corban & Blair

Corban & Blair is a small team of passionate creatives with over 30 years’ experience and knowledge in design and manufacturing. They collaborate with talented local and Indigenous artists and craftsmen to produce environmentally thoughtful, useful, and inspiring handcrafted Australian-made products and gifts.

By choosing one of these Australian made products you’re helping Corban & Blair give back by supporting women in business and sustaining their dedication to keeping Australia's cultural heritage alive through collaborations with like-minded creatives.

Euraba ROCKWELL Framed Artwork by Corbain & Blair - Australian Made

Euraba ROCKWELL Framed Artwork, $65

This Wall Art is printed on hand-made cotton paper, created by the Euraba Artists and Paper Makers. They are a group of Northern NSW indigenous artists situated in the border town of Boggabilla. Working with and producing their own 100% cotton paper, they have adopted traditional European paper-making methods and made them their own with their contemporary indigenous sensibilities. 

Wild Bee by Natural Life

Beekeeper and Wild Bee founder, Antony Adare, knows the importance of bees for our planet and crop pollination.

Wild Bee sources its ‘bee’ products from sustainability-minded Australian beekeepers in Brisbane, Byron Bay and Melbourne and Aboriginal communities located in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

They also give back by donating 5% of sales to the Bee the Cure - Save the Bees Australia.

By choosing one of their Australian made products you are helping this Australian business raise awareness of the importance of bees and the plight that bees face.


Radiance Essentials by Wild Bee by Natural Life - Australian Made


Radiance Essentials, $32

For all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The anti-ageing Foaming Facial Cleanser is made with 93% natural ingredients, not tested on animals and is naturally enriched with 100% Australian Manuka Honey, Witch Hazel and Lemon Myrtle.

The Nourishing Face Cream will brighten and protect and is enriched with an abundance of Australian grown ingredients including 100% Australian Propolis, 100% Australian Royal Jelly, 100% Australian Manuka Honey, Kakadu Plum and Tasmanian Blue Gum.

Caim & Able

Social Entrepreneur and founder of Caim & Able, Michelle Matthewman, is dedicated to making a difference to the fabric of Australian society.

Workers with disabilities assist in packing her products, and a portion of profits from every sale is donated to local woman’s shelters that support women and children escaping from domestic violence.

By choosing one of these Australian made products for yourself or as a gift, you are keeping a woman safe for a night, and someone with a disability employed.

Magnesium Oil Spray Duo - Nurture & Nourish by Caim & Able - Australian Made

Magnesium Oil Spray Duo - Nurture & Nourish, $38.90

Caim & Able Magnesium Sprays deliver the highest concentration of Magnesium Chloride you can find on the market (min 47%), sourced from one of the world’s oldest and purest natural deposits. These premium quality Magnesium Oil Sprays are 100% natural, easily absorbed and provide high potency, toxin-free pain relief.

Make an Impact 

So, remember – every time you have that thought, “Will my one purchase of an Australian made product or gift really make any difference to the country’s economy?” The answer is YES.

We promise: if you add something to your cart today, you’ll be part of the solution in rebuilding our country’s economy. Whether it’s something for you, or to gift, the impact is the same.

There’s a story behind every remarkable Australian made brand.

Browse our wide range of Australian Made Products today!