What Does Australian Made Mean

What Does Australian Made Mean

The Buzz

Maybe you’ve been hearing all the buzz about buying Australian Made lately.

Communities, business owners, industry and government are all driving these conversations – and for good reason.

Yet despite the increased conversation, it may come as a surprise that many of us are unsure what “Australian Made” actually means.

We are hearing it every day! And there is so much confusion. With so many similar terms being bandied around, it’s not that surprising really.

You have probably seen some, if not all of these terms – Australian Made, Australia Grown, Australian Owned, Australia Designed, Product of Australia. And guess what? They all mean something different – each one carries a unique and distinct definition.

Australia produces an abundance of world-class products, but since the coronavirus pandemic hit, we are experiencing the biggest economic downturn our country has seen. And building awareness is the best way we can all get involved and do something about getting back on track.

So, what does Australian Made actually mean?

Australian Made

Australian Made, aka made in Australia, is a Country of Origin declaration that means a product underwent its last ‘substantial transformation’ in Australia.

To make this declaration, the product must have been manufactured, processed, made, created, grown, or otherwise originated from Australia.

Not all ingredients or components have to be 100% from Australia to claim Australian Made. It can be claimed irrespective of the origin – providing that as a result of processing in Australia, the product is fundamentally different in identity, nature, or essential character from all of its original imported ingredients or components.

Why Remarkable Humans Supports Australian Made

Because – choosing to buy Australian Made has so many positive ripple effects.

These are our Top 6

  1. It supports creativity and innovation, and this strengthens our National interest and international recognition as being a nation known for high quality and workmanship

  2. It strengthens our economy as your funds go back into small, large, rural, and/or regional business so they can keep the going

  3. It creates jobs within Australian companies from production workers, warehousing teams, sales, marketing, accounting, as well as the growers, delivery drivers, wholesalers, and retailers, and more.

  4. It supports fair treatment of workers as safe workplaces, fair wages, and ethical protections are highly valued in this country

  5. It supports local industries. The more we manufacture here, the more we are building domestic self-sufficiency and reducing our vulnerability with our dependence on international supplies

  6. It builds a sense of National pride. Buying something Australian Made for you, your family or as a gift will leave you brimming with pride, because you know you have just supported Australian businesses
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