7 Top Tips For Ordering The Right Wall Art Online. Wall art is a great way to elevate a room, pull a space together and create a unique feeling that you and visiting friends will appreciate.

Top Tips For Buying The Right Australian Wall Art Online

Give Your Home a Refresh with an Australian Artwork

Wall art is a great way to elevate a room, pull a space together and create a unique feeling that you and visiting friends will appreciate. Yet with so many options to choose from, making the right selection when you buy artwork for your home can be daunting.

Do you opt for a scenic landscape? A richly coloured abstract? Or a fine detailed piece? What about a traditional framed print, or a contemporary canvas gallery wrap?

How do you know what will look best on your walls?

So many questions! But you're here now and can relax. Read on and we'll take you through these 7 tips to keep in mind when ordering artwork online for your space.

  1. Focal Point
  2. Location and Placement
  3. Size
  4. Framed or Unframed
  5. Colour
  6. Love It
  7. Get To Know The Artist

Let's get started...

#1 Focal Point

When you're purchasing or installing wall art print, it's worth considering which aspect of the room will be the focal point.

Does your new artwork need to be the centre-of-attention? Does it need to be bright, bold and large in size? Or is it best to find a piece that is subtle and compliments the space?

Establishing your focal point first will help narrow your filter for selecting your new piece of artwork.

Sometimes, you need to create a focal point because you don’t have one, or you wish to distract from that big ugly aircon unit. If this is you, then consider selecting a bolder print, vivid colours and/or a large sized piece.

#2 Location and Placement

The location and placement of your wall art will influence your decision when searching online. It is important to know which room it is destined for and whether you’ll be hanging it or leaning it stylishly against the wall.

Once you have the location and placement confirmed you’ll be able to define the size (which is next on the list).

#3 Size

Start by considering the size of the wall or space you are working with. You want the artwork to enhance the space rather than getting lost or worse, swamping it.

Next, check the actual size of the artwork before adding it to your cart! You’d be surprised, but yes, people often forget to check. You can be so focused on the actual look of the artwork that size isn't top of mind.

Artwork size can usually be found in the product description, the product title, or in the drop-down menu before adding the product to your cart.

When in doubt, we recommend ordering the smaller size. As you can always add more art to create a gallery-feel by hanging two or three artworks together.

Below is a quick guide to help when it comes to size:

  • Small – A4 (210 x 297mm), A5 (148 x 210mm), and smaller.
  • Medium – A3 (297 x 420mm)
  • Large – A1 (594 x 841mm)

#4 Framed or Unframed

Just because the online image of an artwork is framed doesn’t mean it will arrive framed!

Sometimes it can get confusing because generally, high quality wall art for your home is presented framed to help you visualise how it could look.

Double check online because it’s common to have both options to choose from. The framed options are usually selected by the artist themselves with a style they think works best — such as black, white or timber. It’s then up to you to decide what colour frame works best with your décor.

When selecting a coloured frame, consider the existing furniture and what’s going on in the space.

White and black frames work well in contemporary spaces. White for light and airy spaces. Black for a moodier style. Timber is great for a coastal or country feel.

#5 Colour

Don’t be afraid of colour!

In wall décor, a common approach for selecting artwork is to find pieces that tie in with your home’s existing colour schemes. Select the most present and prominent colour in the room and translate this to your wall art in varying shades and tones. Or go with similar colours that are complementary on the colour wheel.

If you’re excited to add a bold new shade to your living room, don’t forget to add an additional two or three décor items in that hue. Try matching a pillow cover, a throw rug or even a book stack. It’s important that the colour feels ‘grounded’ in the space.

Repeating colours creates an impact and is a theme that’s impossible to go wrong with. So have fun!

#6 Love It

There’s a lot of hype and pressure around selecting the right wall picture. This is because it is usually one of the last things to be purchased when styling a space!

If you love it ­— then you’re headed in the right direction.

With our tips in mind you are bound to find the perfect piece for your home décor.

And if you’re like us, you’ll probably find yourself restyling your home on a regular basis to meet the needs of your new artwork arrivals.

#7 Get To Know The Artist

Don’t forget to get to know the Artist!

There are a lot of local Australian artists out there with incredible stories. Knowing a little more about the artist who created your artwork honestly makes you love it even more! Then, next time someone comments on your amazing wall picture, rather than just a kind smile and thanks, you can share a little more about it.

Wall Art Defines Your Home 

Give your home that interior designer touch today, and purchase your new piece of artwork by a local Australian artist.

Remarkable Humans offers a wide range of artwork in varying sizes and styles. Artwork makes the perfect Australian made gift for your home or a special loved one to say 'thanks', 'happy birthday' or just because.

Explore some of our top sellers below by our talented local artists…

Manly In May, print by Erin Masters, $300

Unframed, White or Oak Frame. Size: Medium or Large

Manly in May by Erin Masters - Remarkable Humans

This artwork Manly in May, is perfect for subtly injecting some colour into a space. It is easy to style and brings a sophisticated coastal beach vibe into the home.

Visual creative, Erin Masters has a passion to share her world through a new lens and in a new light. Growing up with dyslexia and struggling through layers of self-doubt, she fills with joy when one of her pieces finds its way to a new home.

By sharing her story, Erin’s hope is to give back by helping others see their true potential too and inspire them to follow their dreams.

Three Bunnie Artwork, by Elli Byrne Art & Design, $70

Unframed. Size: Medium, A3

Three Bunnies by Elli Byrne Art & Design - Remarkable Humans
This pencil sketched, fine art print Three Bunnies Artwork, is perfect for a neutral coloured space. Think a child’s nursery. It makes the perfect Australian Made gift for a soon to be mum.
Byron Bay artist, Elli Byrne, is a young Australian artist whose passion is to create art that warms your heart and makes your space feel good.
She loves to imagine your smile, or the smile of the loved-one you gifted her art to, as her artwork is hung in the home.

Roast Beef, print by Shot by Harro, from $680

Unframed, White, Black or Natural Frame. Size: Large, A1

Roast Beef by Shot by Harro - Remarkable Humans

This artwork Roast Beef, is perfect for spaces that need a strong focal point or something unique to take a room to the next level!

Photographer James is the guy behind the lens of Shot by Harro. He’s inspired by Australia’s beautiful landscape and has a passion for capturing life in and around the region from an unseen perspective.

James’s Fine Art Landscape Photography will add a wow factor to any room and are fabulous conversation starters to your art collection.

Now You Have Our 7 Top Tips

It's time to get creative, and start planning a wall makeover at your place. Discover more Australian Made Artworks at Remarkable Humans.