The Ultimate Beach House Décor Guide

The Ultimate Beach House Décor Guide

7 Ways To Style Your Beach House with Confidence

You can create a beach house vibe at home by styling with natural elements, and minimalist design. Before you know it, you will have your interior spaces echoing a breezy, beach-like feel whether you live near the ocean or simply long for a coastal design style.

The overall approach when selecting your beach house décor should be to keep it light, airy and fresh, and with an abundance of whites, neutrals and hints of sea blues.

From colour palettes, to materials, home scents, wall art, and carefully chosen accessories, we’ll show you how to style a beach-inspired interior with our collection of Australian made coastal homewares.

Australian Beach House Décor Styling Guide

#1. Style With A Surfboard

Maywood Surfboard. Maywood Surf, Burleigh Heads QLD

Maywood Surfboard

Nothing says 'beach house' more than a wooden surfboard.

There's no need to settle for a surfboard print – why not add the genuine article? This handcrafted Alaia timber surfboard will bring an iconic part of surfing culture to your décor. It is not only a fantastic styling piece, it's also built to ride waves!

We love it because its hand-crafted from sustainably grown Australian paulownia wood, its light weight and easy to wall mount. Plus, the natural wood finish teamed with nautical white stripes is a classic beach look that will never date. 

#2. Decorate Your Walls With Seascape Artwork

Erin Masters PhotographyNorthern Beaches, Sydney

Erin Master Print 

A masterpiece in blue hues, this print will add a sense of calm and tranquillity to your beach house styling.

Thanks to the artful eye and appreciation of nature, you’ll be drawn to the serenity of the waves in this image captured by photographer Erin Masters.

Even if your space is landlocked, a waterscape artwork will bring the scenic view to you.

A natural timber frame will work well with this piece. Lean it stylishly against a wall, or hang it in your favourite room. While one print looks great on its own, grouping a few other coastal scenes for a gallery feel will instantly transform your space.

Erin Masters Print

#3. Fashion A Fresh Fragrance In Every Room

Reed Diffusers + Natural Soy Candles. Heracode + Co., Sydney NSW

Heracode + Co Reed Diffuser

From the living areas to the kitchen and bathroom, a scented candle or reed diffuser presented in minimal, neutral-coloured packaging will tie into your beach house look and feel – and make it smell great too! Bonus!

We love this Elysian scent as it will fill the air with an alluring and delicate fragrance. It has top notes of night-blooming jasmine and orange blossom blended into middle notes of fruity, floral passionflower and aromatic myrrh, followed by a sweet honey base.

#4. Choose Artwork With Lots Of White Space

Female Figure Series - Artwork No.1. Elli Byrne Art, Byron Bay NSW

Elli Byrne Art

If you would like to express your taste in art beyond the ocean, you can still keep the beach-house look by choosing pieces that have lots of white space in the composition.

This elegant ink line drawing sketch will keep things light, modern and fresh. Add a natural birch wood frame to tie it in even more.

Learn more about how to choose the right wall art for your space.

#5. Introduce A Catch-All Tray

Corban & Blair Leather Tray

A catch-all tray at the entry to your home is a styling accessory everyone should have.

We all need a place to drop our keys and sunnies when returning from the beach, and to make it easy when running out the door.

Depending on its size, your tray can also serve other styling purposes, such as a practical tool in your office, or to anchor your arrangement and hold trinkets on your bedside table.

To create the beach house vibe, stick with natural materials and neutral colours, like rattan woven baskets or this leather tray from Corban & Blair.

#6. Add Some Brass

The natural metallic beauty of brass has the ability to warm up any living space. We love introducing it into a coastal design as it evokes notions of the fitting and fixtures found on boats and sea vessels.

Plus, brass pairs beautifully with the blue hues that are popular in modern coastal spaces.

We adore raw brass accessories, as the patina will change over time.

These brass coasters from Sydney based Savage Design will sit beautifully in your living space and are super useful for catching all the drips from those icy afternoon drinks or non-alcoholic mocktails.

Savage Design Brass Coasters

#7. Accessorise Your Bathroom with Coastal Amenities

Give your bathroom instant coastal charm with beach appropriate luxury amenities that the whole family and your guests can enjoy. Place them in view to extend your beach-look and remind you of the waves.

Blondi Beach Hair Rescue Oil

Blondi Beach Hair Rescue Oil

Keep this on hand in the bathroom for everyone to use. It's a multi-tasking hair, body and beard oil for the hims & the hers.

This one is made in Bondi Beach – it doesn't get more beach vibe than that!

Wotnot Naturals Certified Organic Tan Water Mist

Wotnot Tan Water Mist

To create that total all-beach feel, it would be remiss of us not to including the ultimate beach house accessory – a suntan.

This must-have bathroom amenity is worthy of a place in an all-natural beach house theme.

Its beachy packaging will fit right in, its made from organic ingredients and you can keep up your summer glow all year round too.

That's a Wrap

We hope we’ve inspired you with ideas to create your very own Australian beach house style to fall in love with. Make your home a place to relax, and a space to welcome family and friends.

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