In response to the cancellation of the Ekka, Lang's Gourmet decided to make The Ekka Strawberry jam and donate profits to the The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation

When Life Gives You Strawberries

When life gives you strawberries, Lang's Gourmet makes strawberry jam!

It broke Mark and Kathryn Lang’s hearts when news of cancellation of the 2021 Ekka was announced just days out from opening the event that was scheduled to run 7-15 August.

It is the second year in a row that the Ekka has been cancelled due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

The Royal Queensland Show, affectionately known as the Ekka, is Queensland's largest annual event and a chance for city and country to come together and show what life on the farm is really about.

Thousands of exhibitors have spent months preparing their entries for competition, and the farming community have been awaiting this year’s Show which is a celebration of all things agriculture.  

Iconic Ekka Strawberry Sundae

Apart from the animals, showbags and fun rides, a highlight of the Show is enjoying a famous Ekka Strawberry Ice-cream sundae.

Queensland strawberry growers had geared up to supply tonnes of strawberries for the 10’s-of-thousands of sundaes show-goers would have eagerly devoured.

But this year – no show meant no sundaes. And the strawberries were destined to be thrown away.

Community Spirit

Mark and Kathryn Lang

Mark and Kathryn, founders of Lang's Gourmet jams, couldn’t sit by and do nothing.

The thought of all those strawberries going to waste inspired them to make an Ekka Strawberry Jam.

After hours trying to contact the farmers and working out how they could assist them; with the help of Queensland Strawberries, Mark was able to get in contact with the strawberry supplier, Ray Daniels from Sunray Strawberries. Ray was absolutely willing to supply them with hundreds of kilos of fresh strawberries to make their gourmet jam.

In the past, proceeds from the sale of the strawberry sundaes were donated to the Prince Charles Hospital.

Mark and Kathryn, without hesitation agreed to donate a percentage of the jam sale proceeds directly to The Royal National Agricultural (RNA) & Industrial Association of Queensland, for them to distribute to those people who have suffered as a result of the cancellation of the EKKA and a percentage direct to the Prince Charles Hospital.

Each jar costs $7 and $2 per jar is going to The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation and the RNA

12,000 Queensland-made strawberry jams, and counting

The Ekka Strawberry Jam

At the time of writing, 12,000 jars of Ekka Strawberry Jam had been sold in just a few short days. This number is growing by the minute. Kathryn is meeting with the hospital today to make their first donation.

Mark and Kathryn said, “To all our wonderful customers – well we are speechless!

The number of emails we have received thanking us for supporting the farmers, the EKKA and the Prince Charles Hospital is astounding.

The purpose of our plight was never for recognition, it was a sincere act born out of absolute heartbreak that these foundations continue to suffer through no fault of their own.

We, the Lang family, together with our extended family of employees, have been blown away by the beautiful messages we have received and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are just so grateful to be able to give back to two recipients who are truly held in such high esteem.

We will continue to honour this pledge for the indefinite future.”

The team at Lang’s Gourmet are working around the clock to keep up with production and get the jam out to the supportive public that have got behind this initiative. It may take a couple of extra days for delivery, but the wait will be worth it.

Order your ekka strawberry jar today and support Lang's Gourmet, a great Australian made brand.