Why Shopping Australian Made Products Makes a Difference

Why Shopping Australian Made Products Makes a Difference

Aussies know that supporting local businesses has a positive knock-on effect for the economy in regional, rural and metro areas. In fact, it is the most compelling reason for choosing Australian Made whenever you can.

So, what’s the difference between an Australian Made product and one that is Australian owned, designed, grown, or produced?

Technically, all Australian products contribute to supporting local businesses in some way, but they don't all support the deep layers of our local supply chains.

For example, an Australian designed product has been created in Australia, but unless otherwise stated it's likely manufactured offshore. An Australian owned product relates to the business ownership, the products they sell may or may not be manufactured in Australia.

Australian Made, on the other hand, are products that have undergone manufacturing, processing, or are grown or otherwise originated from Australia. Whether its paddock-to-plate, bean-to-bar, or seed-to-jar, the significant transformation from raw material to finished product occurs in Australia.

Why Australians Need To Buy Australian Made Products

The benefits are far reaching and have a direct and real impact on the country’s recovery and rebuild after COVID-19 lockdowns, the summer bushfires, and most recent floods in NSW – and for the ongoing success of our nation.

If we compare the impact of choosing various types of Australian Made products against a similar imported product, this is what it means:

This supports regional and rural farmers and growers by elevating awareness and tourism to quality gourmet destinations such as Tasmania, Margaret River, the Barossa Valley, and many micro-region hotspots around the country. This product creates job along the entire local supply chain, from growers, delivery drivers, factory workers, office workers and more.

Think Kakadu Plum, Quandong, Lilly Pilly, Lemon Myrtle, to name a few. This spotlights traditional indigenous bush remedies, and how forward-thinking beauty brands are innovating their product development with these high-nutrient and high-efficacy ingredients.

From working with recycled woods, to keeping time-honoured craftsmanship alive, or capturing unique landscapes and vistas. Choosing Australian homeware and lifestyle products keeps our artisans inspired and striving to create more innovation in design.

    Think Australian Made When Shopping For Gifts

    Australia made gifts are a great idea for friends or family living overseas, as well as for those in Australia.

    From a giving perspective, choosing Australian Made enables you to showcase Australia’s capabilities in making quality products. More often than not, you don’t want to give a gift that’s tacky or souvenir-like. You want something more than a mere memento, or novelty. You want your gift to be thoughtful and something that will be appreciated.

    Knowing the story behind the brand and the products you choose, provides a real and emotive connection to your gift for its recipient. Imagine adding a message in your card like this, This lippie I chose for you is a clean beauty product. Cindy, the founder, of Lük Beautifood is the sole breadwinner for her family and gives back to the community with a portion of sales going to the Australian Koala Foundation to help with conservation and management of the Koalas. I know you'll love this product."

    Australian Made At Remarkable Humans

    The Remarkable Humans marketplace is an Australian owned business dedicated to supporting other local businesses and shining a spotlight on the quality and innovation our country produces.

    Our mission is to instil a sense of pride when you choose something that’s made in Australia, whether it be something for you or something to gift.  

    New brands and products are arriving every week, so you can continue to discover what’s new and exciting in just a few clicks. No more confusing labels or jumping from tab to tab. Diverse categories means you’ll easily find something for her, for him, for babies, for home, and even for pets – all here in one place.

    Most importantly, always support Australian Made when you can. Every conscious choice makes a difference.