Meet the inspirational Managing Editor at Vogue, GQ and Vogue Living Australia, and Clean Beauty entrepreneur Louise Bryant as we talk about her hair care range Blondi Beach Hair.

Meet the Maker Louise Bryant

This week, we meet the inspirational Managing Editor at Vogue, GQ and Vogue Living Australia, and Australian clean-beauty entrepreneur Louise Bryant, as we talk about her haircare range, Blondi Beach Hair. 

Protect, repair, clean, safe and natural – that was the ethos behind creating the Blondi Beach Hair collection. 

Blondi Beach Hair

Fun Fact About You

Before we get into asking about Blondi Beach Hair… tell us a fun fact about you Louise, something our readers are unlikely to know?

I’m a big fan of the ocean and I love to swim. I swim at the beach all the time – Bondi Beach of course. It’s been a long-time passion.

I was a surf lifesaver at Bondi for nearly 10 years and loved it. It was so great for personal development and building confidence, such a life-changing time, full of heart and heroism.

Do you recall a pivotal moment when you knew you wanted to create the Blondi Beach Hair range? What was your inspiration?

As I spent so much time in the water, it was always in the back of my mind to protect my hair from all the salt and chlorine.

I remember my hairdresser showing me a product and I thought, ‘I could make this myself.’ I really wanted to make it, so I did.

I taught myself how to formulate, starting at my kitchen bench. I started with a hair mask. It’s a science, just like cooking. I did so much research on ingredients and managed to formulate a great hair mask and also a hair oil. I trialled them with friends and family, and they really worked.

I could have gone the path of white label, but I really wanted my brand to be genuine and authentic. I wanted to understand and believe in the ingredients in every product.

Blondi Beach Hair Ingredients

Tell us about the philosophy behind Blondi Beach Hair’s “Super Six Ingredients”

I’m a big fan of these six ingredients (Moringa oil, Jojoba oil, Kakadu plum, Monoi de Tahiti, Prickly Pear oil and Lily Pilly).

When I was trialling different formulations, I found I kept coming back to these six.

I wanted to create a clean-beauty Aussie hair range that could work for all hair types, for both women and for men. These were the best. They are not harmful and have multiple benefits for hair and for skin.

They were the best for all hair types and celebrated Australian native and Pacific native ingredients.

Read more about the Super Six Ingredients.

Can you pick a favourite ingredient in the range?

It’s so hard to pick a favourite. I love all of our super six ingredients. But these ones are particularly amazing.

Manoi from Tahiti, in the Deep End Hair Repair Mask, is Tahitian Gardenia steeped in coconut oil. Coconut oil is an ingredient you see a lot but it’s an incredible ingredient. It’s so good for soothing dry hair.

Prickly Pear Oil, in the Hair Rescue Oil, is a miracle ingredient, it stimulates collagen production.

And Kakadu Plum, it’s so rich in Vitamin C, an antioxidant. This really is a hero Australian native ingredient.

Importance of Australian Made

How important is it to you that you produce Australian Made products?

This is so very, very important.

Blondi Beach Hair has just got the Australian Made logo, and I’m so proud of this.

The products you see in our range today were formulated in Bondi under the guidance of cosmetic hair experts. And they’re made in Australia – well, actually they’re made in Bondi Beach too

I love that they were born from one of the world’s most famous beaches, this is such an important part of the brand.

Blondi Beach Hair Care

What is your best seller? Why do you think that is?

The best seller is the Hair Oil, closely followed by the Hair Mask. And lots of customers love to try the complete collection with the Summer Hair Repair Pack.

The Hair Oil has also developed a strong male following because it doubles as a nourishing beard oil, and also for pre/post swim or surf shaving.

It's the ultimate summer multitasker. Think pre-beach hair treatment, after-sun glow, it keeps your skin and hair nourished. Plus, it's also amazing for stimulating growth of eyelash and brows, and for smoothing flyaway hair.

It’s just so versatile which is why it’s so popular with both women and men.

Final Thoughts

What has been your most satisfying /standout moment in business to date?

I would have to say, it was the day I sold a product to a non-family member! And then that person came back as a repeat customer. It was validation I was on the right path.

Why do you think it’s important for Australian consumers to support locally made products?

You’re helping out a friend, a neighbour and the local economy.

It’s all about celebrating our diverse product offerings. And the more we support local makers, the more we’ll be able to offer. Really, it's also about the suppliers, farmers, contract manufacturer, scientists we are supporting too.

What do you think is the most important mindset for a business owner to have?

Positivity and resilience. Without that you can so easily give up and that’s the worst thing you can do.

Ask for help. No matter what stage you are at, ask if you need it.

I recently read, “You don’t need to be first; you just need to be better.” If your idea is better, you should go for it.

Thanks Louise, it’s been amazing catching up with you and learning more about how Blondi Beach Hair came to life. It’s great for Remarkable Humans to be able to get behind you and your Australian made brand.

Since 2015, Louise's range has been trusted by locals. Ocean swimmers, fellow Bondi lifesavers, and local beach dwellers love the treatments and have embraced the brand. We hope you like it too.