Meet the Maker Angela Infantino

Meet the Maker Angela Infantino

This week, we meet style influencer, dog-lover, and female founder Angela Infantino and her adopted Great Dane x Labrador, Molly.

When Molly arrived in Angela’s life a few years ago, finding quality dog beds and collars were virtually impossible. So, rescue dog Molly became Angela's inspiration for launching her design-led Australian-made luxury brand, Molly Barker.

Style, functionality and luxury. That was the brief when it came to creating the Molly Barker collection.

However, Angela’s business ethos goes much deeper than just making great products.

We asked Angela why it matters that Aussie’s support her Melbourne based business?

She told us it matters because in choosing an Australian made Molly Barker product over one that’s made overseas, you’re enabling her to provide more opportunities for local artisans, which in turn enables them to continue their craft and demonstrate Australia’s world-class product innovation and quality.

It also matters because she loves dogs! 

Dogs can have troubled skin, just like humans. Molly was one of these dogs. Angela designed a grooming collection to offer healing benefits for Molly and other dogs like her who had sensitive and flaky skin.

Another reason it matters is one of Molly Barker’s core values is to give back to the community.

A portion of bandana sales is given to Assistance Dogs Australia. They provide assistance to people living with physical disabilities, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, and students in need of educational support.

Molly Barker dog bandana

Angela went on to say...

She wants to see more opportunities for Australian businesses, future entrepreneurs and business owners.

But this won’t happen unless there’s a demand for it.

When people are more conscious of where they spend their money, and actively make the decision to purchase products made in Australia, the trickle-down effect is enormous, and everyone benefits from it. 

We whole-heartedly agree Angela!

Supporting Australian Made brands is the best thing you can do to support local industries, business, and families. 

Discover more of this great brand, Molly Barker, today...

Molly Barker

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