Lük Beautifood Just Got More Delicious. Discover the new collection of Australian Made beauty products that are 100% natural.

Lük Beautifood Just Got More Delicious

Discover The New Lip + Body Love Collection!

If you're like us, you'll have a bunch of your favourite Lük Beautifood Lip Nourish lippies stashed in every handbag, desk drawer and makeup bag.

So, to say we are a little bit excited with the new additions to their range is an understatement! We are absolutely thrilled to showcase these brilliant Aussie made cosmetics and can't wait for you to try them and gift them to all your favourite girlfriends.

Lük Beautifood’s founder and food scientist Cindy Lüken, and her team, have been busy behind the scenes during lockdown, creating, tasting, trialling and perfecting the all-new, highly nutritious and delicious treatment range for healthy lips and hydrated, luminous skin. 

The new range features,

Instantly uplifting and infused with intention, these new products create simple ‘me-time’ moments of pleasure to take your daily selfcare ritual to a whole new sensuous level,” Cindy says.

7 New Favourites To Try...

1. Sweet Dreams Lip Mask

Hydrate + Restore. This moisture-recharging mask will melt away distressed skin cells and flakes revealing bouncy supple lips by morning.

Overnight, the active nutrients will absorb as you sleep, ensuring you and your lips wake up well-rested.

The hyaluronic spheres are deeply hydrating, and the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from botanicals and earthly ingredients counteract daily free radical damage and leave lips feeling smooth and supple.

This frosting-like subtle pink formula features bentonite clay to soften and clarify lips and mineral rich volcanic ash that regenerates and restores the skin of the lips.

“After months of mask-wearing, it’s time to pamper neglected pouts for smooth, pillowy, hydrated and kissable lips as we emerge to celebrate and give thanks towards the end of this year”, said Cindy, Lük Beautifood.

20g / .71 oz glass jar | Made in Australia

luk_beautifood_Sweet Dreams Lip Mask

2. Supergreens Lip Scrub

Replenish + Refine. This botanical cocktail will replenish parched, dull lips and help reduce fine lines whilst re-invigorating natural colour. 

Prep + Prime - Rescue lips in 30 seconds.

A fantastic way to get your greens. This hydrating scrub is rich in green superfoods such as chlorophyll, broccoli seed, green tea and seaweed extract, this antioxidant-rich, vitamin C and collagen protein packed formula smooths out fine lines and reinvigorates the lip's natural colour and shape.

Supergreens Lip Scrub™ will restore, refresh and revitalise dull, dry lips that come with too much stress, environmental toxins and changing seasons.

A luscious sorbet texture with a soft herbaceous aroma of mint, rosemary and sage that enlivens and uplifts your senses and tastes delicious.

20g / .71 oz glass jar | Made in Australia

luk_beautifood_Supergreens Lip Scrub

3. Vitamin C Lip Nectar

Soften + Renew. High potency C serum to promote cellular renewal and create super soft, hydrated lips primed for natural colour.

An all-in-one nourishing, botanical-rich lip food serum to promote cellular renewal and create super moisturised smooth lips ready for a swipe of colour or leave natural for a healthy glow!

Deliciously addictive, the Lük Vitamin C Nectar is a rich golden yellow with mouth-watering notes of mandarin and ginger to enliven your senses!

Containing rosehip oil, sea buckthorn oil, turmeric root oil, carrot seed oil and marine collagen, the nourishing formula protects against skin flaking, dryness and dehydration while infusing lips with phytonutrients, antioxidants, essential amino acids and vitamins.

luk_beautifood_Vitamin C Lip Nectar

4. Luminizer Drops

Highlight + Glow. Multi-use glow-giving highlighter serum for face and body with soft, translucent, and buildable mineral pigments.

Concentrated ultrafine reflective pearlescent pigments subtly illuminate the complexion and skin for an immediate radiance boost, blurring small imperfections with non-glittery effect and 'lit from within' look.

Lük Beautifood’s multi-use, fine, non-greasy texture offers a buildable glow from the most natural to the super luminous.

Available in three shades and featuring their exclusive One Seed™ for added luxury.

  1. White Gold, a pale incandescent gold pearl shade for light to medium skin tones
  2. Rose Gold, a warm incandescent golden pink shade for light to dark skin tones
  3. Bronzer, a warm copper tone for medium to dark skin tones and for a healthy, sun-kissed look

30ml / 1 fl oz glass jar | Made in Australia

luk_beautifood_Luminizer Drops

5. Aromatic Skin Nourish

Hydrate + Glow. Ultra-conditioning, luminous whipped butter melts into skin for lasting hydration, silky finish and beautiful aromatics.

Aromatic Skin Nourish™ is a super nourishing, fast absorbing intensive skin treatment with long lasting hydration, an addictive aroma and gorgeous glowy finish.

We love the mood-balancing signature scent designed by One Seed™ for Lük Beautifood with its uplifting notes of rose, coriander, citrus and aromatic botanicals.

Contains 20% cocoa butter and 20 power-packed nutrient-active botanicals, including avocado oil, squalene, and pomegranate. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, the whipped formula protects against environmental aggressors and assists in moisture retention and skin renewal.

100ml / 3.4 Fl oz glass jar | Made in Australia

luk_beautifood_Aromatic Skin Nourish

6. Golden Glow Lip Polish

You may remember that we are huge fans of lip scrubs, it's the first step to beautiful lips as it gently exfoliates and removes any dry and flaky skin.

Lük Beautifood’s lip polish uses unrefined coconut sugar to gently buff away dead skin cells, and nourishing manuka honey, soap wort and ginkgo biloba to smooth and soothe lips for a revitalised- looking pout.

Use it as the season's change, in cold weather, after invasive treatments, or synthetic petroleum-based lipstick.

This warming culinary combination of honey, vanilla bean extract, bergamot peel oil and ginger is almost too good not to eat!

20g / .71 fl oz glass jar | Made in Australia

luk_beautifood_Golden Glow Lip Polish

7. Pepperberry Lip Jam

TINGLE + TINT. Tinted gel will invigorate blood circulation for a just bitten brightness and pillowy lips.  (Contains numbing, tingling Szechuan pepper).

Designed to start your day or hit the town the Pepperberry Lip Jam™ is your sensual secret weapon, an uplifting pick me up for a vibrant, healthy look.

A delicious red jam to rub on lips and to create tingling fullness and a healthy vibrant look.

Containing Szechuan pepper, cinnamon, beetroot, hibiscus extract and chia seeds, this tinted jammy formula increases blood circulation to the lips for a full, youthful, just-bitten pout.

Spicy notes of cinnamon and Szechuan Pepper uplift and invigorate while hibiscus adds a heady sweetness that surprises and delights.

20g / .71 fl oz glass jar | Made in Australia

luk_beautifood_Pepperberry Lip Jam

Finding It Hard To Choose?

Go the slow and steady way, and try them one by one,

Or go for a full and immersive experience, by grabbing a deal with one of these great value bundle offers... they're ideal as gifts for you or for your besties.

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