Interview with Melissa Italiano

Interview with Melissa Italiano

Meet the gorgeous Melissa Italiano, creator, and founder of MELIS natural perfumes. Her range of clean perfumes have each been created with intention and to imbue the wearer to discover more of themselves. Her passion for scent is intoxicating.

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Quirky Fact About You

Before we get into asking about MELIS Natural Perfumes… Tell us a Quirky Fact about you Melissa, something our readers are unlikely to know?

I loved sewing my own clothes when I was a teenager and my mum encouraged me to wear them out in public. When I look back at photos, they were terrible, but mum was so proud. As a mother I can now understand her encouraging my interests, but for a long time I lambasted her for allowing me to set foot in public in white and black tulle skirts with ribbons and rah-rah skirts gone terribly wrong. Haha.

Do you recall a pivotal moment when you knew you wanted to create the MELIS range? What was your inspiration?

The idea for MELIS was seeded after my pregnancies. I had overcome a severe anxiety condition and could no longer wear synthetic perfume without getting a migraine.  

I had adopted a much “cleaner” lifestyle and began blending and wearing my own essential oil perfumes, mainly for their therapeutic benefits.

Friends kept asking me to blend natural scents. They loved how mine smelt and they too discovered how good it made them feel. 

I had worked extensively in the global luxury wine market, so had refined my own senses, and could appreciate the difference between my “home” blended scents and truly refined sophisticated perfumes blended by professional perfumers.

During my second pregnancy, I began study into energy medicine, aromatherapy, kinesiology, and meditation and became very curious about the influence of natural scent on our energy systems. I also experienced tremendous personal growth during this time and felt very connected to my “true” self.  

After a couple of years of a dedicated meditation practice and an inability to find a sophisticated natural perfume on the market, the insight came to me to utilise my gifts and life experience to develop a natural perfume brand that could also help inspire others to rediscover themselves.  

At that time there were only a few 100% natural perfume brands in the world as compared to now where "clean beauty" is experiencing unprecedented growth worldwide.

Melis Ingredients

Tell us about your philosophy behind “natural parfum with intent”?

Everything we do at MELIS is "with intent" from the ingredients, packaging, people we work with, marketing and most importantly our perfume blends and the energy they carry. 

Each perfume is intended to make its wearer feel a certain way. For example, Sensuali was created to help people connect with their sensuality and Veritas their vibrant self, Amandi their loving self.

How does this influence your product development?

We’re intent on maintaining the integrity of the 100% botanical ingredients featured in the parfum concentrate, we source from genuinely sustainable plantations.  

I believe, energy follows intent. So, we consciously make a placement of “intentionalised" energy on the perfume by way of meditation and crystals. This imbues its wearer with the courage to live their personal truth and greatness then this "intentionalised" energy will carry through to the wearer. 

In your range, are there any ingredients that you are absolutely in love with?

There are so many stand-out ingredients in the range.

My personal favourites are Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose Damascus, aged Indian Sandalwood, and our own infusions of Quandong and Australian Wattle seed.

When developing or refining a perfume, my perfumer often reminds me that I like to choose the most premium ingredients for the heart of the perfume. I do this because of the perfume’s intended story and desired feelings it will evoke.

Importance of Australian Made

How Important Is It To You That Your Products Are Australian Made?

It's paramount for MELIS to be made in Australia. We source as many of our ingredients as possible from Australia plus we design and print our packaging in Western Australia.

Our new release range, NATIVUS, features Australian grown Sandalwood, Quandong, Wattle Seed, Lemon, Orange, and Peppermint.

Fortunately, more ingredients suitable to our climate are being grown in Australia due to the increased demand for natural products. However, there are just some ingredients that we can’t grow and/or are unable to grow competitively. In these cases, we’re happy to support and source from sustainable producers in developing countries like Africa, and India. 

Why do You think it’s important for Australian consumers to support local? 

I think the COVID-19 pandemic really highlighted the need and benefits of supporting local. Economically it keeps the money circulating within our local economy. It helps develop community and connection. It reduces our risk during a global crisis and is better for Mother Earth and our planet.

Melis Perfumes


SENSUALI (Sensual) and GRATIA (Grace) are our best sellers – they are two of our most feminine scents.

Sensuali leads with Jasmine notes, and Gratia with Bulgarian Rose – both scents have been iconic perfumery ingredients for eons. They’re just universally appreciated as beautiful scents.

My belief is that we know it's important for our being to be sensual and that these scents trigger the “feel good” response within our physical and energetic systems. 

Final Thoughts


When my little boy comes into my perfume studio and sees me completely engaged and enamoured in my work and perfumes and says, “geez mum you really love working with your perfumes don't you?” His comment really touches me deeply as he can see and feel the joy within me when I'm in my perfumery zone. To role model to my children that I am doing something I love and believe-in stands out.


A positive mindset, confidence, and a belief in yourself.


I love it. You’re amazing, thanks so much for sharing your story with us Melissa.


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