Interview with Emily Rohr

Interview with Emily Rohr

Meet the fabulous Emily Rohr, creator, and founder of Rohr Remedy natural skincare. Her knowledge of Australian native skincare ingredients is unmatched, and is reflected in her high-potency, clean beauty range. And her passion for supporting local growers, manufacturers and businesses is inspiring.

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Quirky Fact About You

Before we get into asking about Rohr Remedy… Tell us a Quirky Fact about you Emily, something our readers are unlikely to know?

Haha, well, aside from loving art, a quirky, weird thing is, I cannot tell my left and right apart. I have to wink to tell which is left. And as I can only wink with my left eye, that’s how I know. 

Rohr Remedy Ingredients

You have a pretty special story, with your connection to the Aboriginal elders. Tell us about that?

Transformative! It totally changed my life. I feel very honoured and privileged to be able to work so closely with some of the last very traditional bush people to come out of the desert.

All cultures have beautiful rich traditions that we need to remember. And the Indigenous story is special, the great spirituality and rich unbroken history makes it particularly unique.

I was exposed quite young to indigenous traditional cultures. My school had close ties to Balgo. The women would come down to dance and sing and tell us about their culture. They taught me a lot about shared humanity and the connectedness of all things.

Later, I ended up working with those artists from Balgo, and they remembered me from school.

Do you recall a pivotal moment when you knew you wanted to create the Rohr Remedy skincare range based on bush medicine ingredients?

There is an amazing bark around Broome, that everyone uses when you get tropical ulcers.

And this is what was transformative about it – we had been using everything, the kids had been on antibiotics. My son, daughter and husband all had them, and we just couldn’t get rid of them. It’s a part of tropical life, they wouldn’t go away and wouldn’t heal.

The old girls boiled up this bark and I was amazed at how quickly it healed the wounds.

And I remember thinking, why isn’t anyone using this stuff? This is so crazy that we have so many rich plants. And to me, these were people I had worked with and really respected. And I couldn’t understand why we don’t work with people who have such amazing knowledge, why don’t we see this as great wisdom and utilise it?

So, the pivotal moment was seeing the genuine effect of how these ingredients transformed your life.

In your range, are there any ingredients that you are absolutely in love with?

I love love love Kakadu Plum, it’s a superfood!

And I also really love Boab. It’s beautiful, it’s such an amazing oil, so impressive. It is full of enzymes and amino acids. And I also love the tree, it's found in the Kimberley in the Northern Territory. The oil is extracted by cold pressing the seeds.

Importance of Australian Made

How important is it to you that you produce your products in Australia and have them Australian made?

I think it’s so important we develop more things in Australia, more industry, more manufacturing, and more processing, and particularly processing of ingredients that are uniquely Australian.

I understand from an economics point of view the reasons why we don’t. Many have to opt for different options. It’s difficult with globalisation, but I think COVID has brought the focus back to the need to have Australian Made products.

I like to know the whole chain of production, especially for every key ingredient. For all of our Australian natives, we know the whole production line, and I feel very strongly about knowing the growers personally.

That’s a standout point, not many skincare brands can say they know all of their ingredient growers.

We have suppliers located all around the country. We get some ingredients from Broome, some from Northern Territory, others from Queensland, Northern NSW, Tasmania, and some from the south west of WA.

We manufacture our products in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney. Our designers and box makers are in Melbourne.

And our extracts come from regional NSW and our essential oils from south west WA and Tasmania.

Rohr Remedy supports local. You touch every State. It’s pretty unique the way you spread the love around local industries. How important is it for Australian consumers to support local too?

Small businesses can struggle; we have higher costs. We have to look after each other.

I grew up with the expression, ‘charity starts at home’. If we can’t look after our own and each other and our local businesses, what hope do we have as a country? So, I believe you have to look after your own communities.

If we don’t support local, we aren’t supporting some of our hardest workers.

Rohr Remedy Products

How does the mix and match, and product layering approach to your products work?

Because we keep the actives in their natural whole state, the ingredients work with all their derivative and excipients, and this enables them to work differently on different skin types.

The evolution of the plant over millions of years means that it has faced every potential event, and therefore developed this resilience and flexibility. So, all the excipients and derivative are designed to be adaptable.

The idea is that, the actives (phenolics, flavonoids, vitamins) that each skin type uniquely requires, are delivered and absorbed according to the individual’s needs.

What are your best sellers? Why do you think that is?

Kakadu Plum Face Serum with Vit C

Our serum is such a unique product. The Kakadu Plum extract in our formulation is at such high percentages and is supported by the natural hyaluronic acid from the Tamarind seed extract. The high percentages and the quality of our cold press processing means our serum retains all its active nutrients.

Gumbi Gumbi Lip Balm

Our lip balm is a classic old apothecary formula that was passed down through generations, its elegantly simple and it works. The hero ingredient, Gumbi Gumbi, is a bush apricot. We get the saponins from the leaf and use it for its proven anti-viral properties.

Final Thoughts

What has been your most satisfying or standout moment in business to date?

I’m always satisfied when people stop me in the street or let me know they have had a very difficult or annoying skin condition, and they say they love our product because it actually works.

It’s always a standout when it makes a genuine difference to someone’s life at a grass roots level. Then I feel I’m glad I’m doing this.

As a successful female entrepreneur, what do you think is the most important mindset for a business owner to have?

It’s a marathon, just work through the stitches. Just keep jogging, you’ll get some endorphins along the way. Keep picking yourself up.

Don’t worry about what others are doing. Everyone’s going to be an expert, everyone will tell you what to do and how to do it. Listen to people who have actually done it. Don’t listen to people who really have no idea but really love to tell you what to do.

Take time for yourself, just keep going and picking yourself up. Every day you are going in the boxing ring. But being alive is like that. So, you have to channel your inner Mohamed Ali. Keep getting back in the ring and try and change the world in your own way.

Keep getting up and fighting.

I love it. You’re awesome, thank so much for chatting Emily, it’s been great to talk to you.



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