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Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

Father’s Day is a great occasion to treat your dad and make him feel special.

Our curated gift ideas are here to provide some inspiration and help you choose a memorable gift this year. 

As you browse through these Father's Day gift ideas, keep your grandfather, father-in-law, and stepdad in mind too. And if your dad's birthday is coming up, why not pick out his birthday present, and save yourself search time later.

After The Perfect Gift For Dad?

We believe shopping for gifts is all about making the recipient feel loved and appreciated.

First and foremost, we recommend avoiding the rookie's error of missing the date. It's a bit like Christmas, even though it happens every year, somehow it sneaks up on us out of nowhere. So, now is your chance to get ahead of the game for Father's Day this year.

So, when is Australian Father's Day you ask? It is always the first Sunday in September. This year, it's Sunday 5 September, 2021. Pop it in your diary now!

With that taken care of, it's time to get on with making this year special for your dad.

Go for a gift he will actually use, a gift that matches his interests. Listen for any hints he may drop, as you may discover something he has on his wish list but wouldn't splurge on himself.

A well-chosen gift can keep on giving after the day, it can make him smile and think of you each time he takes it out to use it.

Let's take a look at some Australian made gift ideas – here are 7 presents we think you'll love and be proud to give.

  1. Brass Desk Set
  2. Age Defence Skincare Pack
  3. Gourmet Chilli Sauce Pack
  4. Men's Hair & Body Grooming Kit
  5. Sustainable Wooden Surfboard
  6. Non-Alcoholic Bourbon
  7. Wall Art Statement Print

If you want to keep things stress-free, don't wait until the last minute. The Covid lockdown restrictions across most of Australia will limit your shopping options. So, order online early to ensure your gift arrives in time for Sunday 5 September. 

    Father’s Day Gifts – Our Top 7 Picks 

    #1 Brass Desk Set  – Tray, Coaster & Pen, $350

    Savage Design – Sydney, NSW

    Brass Desk Set by Savage Design | Exclusive to Remarkable Humans

    The crew at Savage Design are the masters in brass.

    They’ve been designing and engineering furniture, joinery, and lighting in Sydney since 1910, and these handsome objects are newcomers to their offering.

    Every piece is made to last and is left raw with its ‘skin on’ showing its imperfections created during the extrusion process.

    We love this living finish on this 3-piece desk set, as it will patina beautifully over time and with use, revealing to its owner how it has been handled.

    These architecturally designed statement pieces for the desk at home or the office, have been engineered for form and function. They make an impressive Father’s Day gift idea that will bring your dad enjoyment for many years. 

    #2 Age Defence, Gift Pack for Men, $95

    Black Leopard Skincare – Melbourne, VIC

    BLACK LEOPARD SKINCARE - anti-ageing gift pack for men - shop at Remarkable Humans

    For the dad who’s getting into skincare. He'll not only needs a simple routine, but one that will give him all the tools to defend his skin against ageing.

    Australia’s beautiful weather and warm sunshine is one of the many things we love about this country. However, the outdoor lifestyle can be harsh if we don’t take care of our skin.

    The team at Black Leopard have formulated this Australian made men’s skincare range for the Australian climate.

    This family-run business has three brothers at the helm, and their father providing guidance. So, they know a thing or two about skincare for men.

    Their top tip, “Wash your face every day! Moisturise, every day! And always use an SPF Sunscreen.”

    This 5-piece men's gift pack has everything he needs to help clean, restore, protect and hydrate, to keep his skin healthy. It’s a great gift for dad this Father’s Day.

    #3 BBQ Chilli Sauce Pack, $25

    Dangermates – Sydney, NSW

    Dangermates Chilli Sauce gourmet condiments made in Australia | Remarkable Humans

    If your dad loves to live a little dangerously, then the Dangermates chilli sauce pack will tickle his rebellious nature.

    Blending Australian homegrown and locally sourced ingredients, Dangermates follows a flavour-first philosophy and promises to make every day dangerous. And these three hot sauces are going to really heat things up.

    How to enjoy? At his next Aussie BBQ of course.

    Designed for the adventurous – try these Australian made gourmet sauces on everything that needs a little spicing up. 

    Pack includes, Dangermates Dead Horse Spicy BBQ Sauce, Spicy Tomato Sauce, and Smoke & Fire Smoked Chilli Garlic.

    This Father’s Day gift idea is guaranteed to be a winner.

    #4 Men Grooming Kit, $109.95

    Jackson Miles – Melbourne, VIC

    Jackson Miles S1 S2 S3 hair and body gift pack for men | Remarkable Humans

    The scents are sublime, the ingredients are packed with natural goodness, and each product is formulated to fit easily into his daily grooming routine.

    That’s why this Australian made men's grooming kit made our list!

    So, let’s talk about scent. For us, the scents are a standout in the Jackson Miles collection. The ‘Havana Cigar and Vanilla’ featured in the shampoo and conditioner, masterfully transports you to another place, all without leaving your bathroom. And the ‘Bergamot, Mandarin and Cedarwood’ in the body wash is fresh and totally modern.

    Soothing aloe vera, and nourishing vitamin E are some of the hero natural ingredients. The shampoo is tailored to strengthen hair with each wash. The conditioner delivers a softening and hydrating dose of almond, grape seed and jojoba oils, and the body wash’s soothing formula will do his skin a world of good.

    This is up there with our favourite men’s skincare products for a Father’s Day gift.

    #5 AWARE Swell Lines White/Black, $699

    Maywood Surfboards – Burleigh Heads, QLD

    Maywood Swell lines wooden surfboard

    Now this gift may seem a little left field. However, if your dad loves the ocean or has an eye for design, this unique Father's Day gift idea from Australian surf brand, Maywood, also comes with an eco-friendly sustainability message that he’s sure to love.

    This artistic, vintage-inspired wooden surfboard has been individually hand-crafted and finished. It is made from 100% recycled Australian grown paulownia wood, it's light weight and easy to handle. It’s painted with reclaimed ink and Maywood’s own natural stain.

    Each board is truly unique.

    Styling his new surfboard is easier than you think. Keep it simple and lean it against a corner of the room or mount it on the wall to create a beach-vibe feature.

    For more surfboard styling ideas, view the Maywood surfboard collection for images.

    #6 American Malt non-alcoholic bourbon, $44.99

    Lyre’s Spirit Co. non-alcoholic spirits – Sydney, NSW

    Lyre's non alcoholic bourbon - American Malt | Shop at Remarkable Humans

    This gift is perfect for dads who enjoy a bourbon whisky but are taking a break from drinking.

    This multi-award winning American Malt from the global sensation Lyre’s, tastes of generous flavours of vanilla and toasted nuts, with herbal notes providing a complexity, offset by a long mellow finish. The gently spiced palate results in the flavours remaining well after finishing.

    Dad will love it mixed with his favourite premium mixer such as cola.

    For a perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day, mix up a Lyre’s Old Fashioned. 

    This is a simple cocktail recipe he can create in minutes... Take 60mL Lyre's American Malt + 8mL rich simple syrup + 5 dashes Aromatic Bitters.

    ​Add all ingredients to a mixing glass and then add ice. Stir and strain over a big cube into a rocks glass and garnish with an orange twist. Delish!

    #7 Statement Print, 'Mood', $500

    Shot by Harro - Hay, NSW

    Mood - Shot by Harro

    A well-chosen piece of art in the home can bring a space together and be a fabulous conversation starter when guests stop by.

    Photographic prints make a great gift idea for dad as they are versatile, and easy to frame. He can hang it in his study, the living room, or a special place that will be in view.

    This piece from Shot by Harro shows life in rural Australia from an unseen perspective.

    The rich, natural outback tones will add a fresh element of beauty and inject life into the room. 

    Choosing artwork is subjective, and if you think your dad may like to pick his own design, gift card is an easy way to let him choose his favourite print.

    There You Have It...

    Our Top Father’s Day gift ideas for 2021 – and you guessed it, they are all made in Australia.

    We hope you’ve found the perfect gift for your dad. But if you are still undecided, check out our full Father's Day Gift Guide here. 

    Why Buying Australian Made Matters

    At this time of uncertainty with lockdowns happening around the country, our makers need our support more than ever. So, thanks for browsing our local Australian-made brands at Remarkable Humans this Father's Day.

    It’s been our mission since launching this online marketplace in 2020, to change Australia’s shopping habits, one product at a time, by creating a new way to find and buy Australian Made products and share why it matters.

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    So, thank you!