Buy Australian Made Products From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Buy Australian Made Products From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Sunday Telegraph 2020-11-29

Changing Aussie Shopping Habits

At Remarkable Humans, we are passionate about supporting Australian businesses, local producers, and manufacturers—and believe there has never been a more important year to have them top of mind.

As a newcomer to online retail in 2020, we are glad to be doing our bit to support Australian retailers this Christmas.

Our message is simple, if you want to help our country's recovery, start by shopping local.

In The Media

Check us out, as we shared our message in the Sunday Telegraph and associated papers and online news across Australia.

Where It All Started

When the pandemic hit, we were both personally impacted. After losing several job opportunities early in the year, we combined our marketing expertise to launch Remarkable Humans to inspire Australians to buy locally made products and gifts.

We started contacting brands we knew and used, and spent hours searching online and reading hundreds of websites to check if they were Aussie-made.

We’re all about helping small and emerging brands get discovered; and spotlighting pioneering brands giving them recognition for their product development and manufacturing innovation.

How You Can Make A Difference

Every time you buy an Australian-made product, you’re supporting a local business, their workers, the community, local families, and our industries. You’re helping to create jobs and support the long-term health of our country.

If each working Aussie spends just $200 of their gift and entertaining budget on Australian Made products, together we'll inject another $2.5 Billion into our local economy in the last four weeks leading into Christmas. WOW!

Australians have demonstrated, especially through recent hardships, how community-minded they are, and this is a classic example of how we can each make a difference. This Christmas, more than ever, it’s important to support local.

And – it can all be done from the comfort of your own home.