Show Aussie brands some love. Try our ultimate lockdown menu designed to keep hungry, thirsty Aussies like us inspired and well nurtured with gourmet Australian made food and drinks.

5 Best Australian Gourmet Brands to Discover in Lockdown

What Should I Eat In Lockdown?

If Australia’s top chefs can reinvent eating in with fine-dining restaurant dinner boxes – you too can pivot a few of your home-cooked meals into a restaurant-quality experience. A few simple tweaks and the addition of some gourmet foods and drinks made right here in Australia will do the trick.

It's all about being creative. To help, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites from the best Australian gourmet brands,

  1. Mrs Toddy’s Tonics
  2. Drunken Sailor Canning Co. Jams
  3. Dangermates Chilli
  4. Range Tasmania
  5. Lang’s Gourmet

Australian Gourmet Condiments Add A Wow

Several characteristics are common in many types of gourmet condiments and drinks from all across the nation.

First, condiment creators and makers aim to elevate the meal their condiment is destined to embellish. They want to take your tastebuds on a journey from bland to wow!

Second, condiment makers spend much time selecting locally grown ingredients to highlight flavours from their region. Australia’s produce is world-class and the diversity of ingredients abundant.

Third, gourmet condiment makers are deeply interested in building lasting, sustainable relationships with their ingredient suppliers and local communities. Many often go so far as growing and harvesting their own ingredients.

Lockdown Is The Perfect Time To Experiment

Enjoying a takeaway from time to time is great, but if every day it can become an unhealthy habit. Similarly, cooking every day has the potential to become a little ho-hum, dare we say, boring. Finding a happy balance is the ultimate goal.

Lockdown is a great opportunity to mix things up on the home cooking front. You can control your healthy food choices and at the same time try new flavours and recreate a restaurant vibe at home with the addition of some delicious condiments.

Try Our Ultimate Lockdown Menu

It’s designed to keep hungry, thirsty Aussies like us inspired and well nurtured with gourmet Australian made food and beverages.

Gourmet condiments and drinks can find a place in pretty much any meal throughout the day.

Think gourmet juices and jams at breakfast, sandwich relishes and salad dressings at lunchtime, and gourmet sauces for every cuisine imaginable at dinner.

Oh, and did we mention ooey, gooey sweet sauces for those treat nights that include a dessert.

Let's get started.

Daily Health Tonic

Start your day right with one of these healthy immune boosting tonics from Avalon in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

They are perfect upon rising or after your morning walk or meditation session.

With the nasty COVID virus hovering all around, it’s important to keep your immune system strong to lessen your chances of falling ill. Drinking a health tonic is an efficient and simple way to get goodness into your body using plant-based adaptogenic herbs.

Mrs Toddy’s Tonics range of tonics are packed with goodness designed to keep your insides shining. No sugar, all natural, GMO free and vegan friendly.

Brimming with lemongrass, clove and ginger, Uluwatu Switchel Tonic offers a wild, zingy tasting drink that will boost your immunity. Or for a more earthy and savoury drink, Ubud Jamu Tonic combines immune boosting fresh turmeric, with ginger and citrus. This one is full of potent adaptogens also helps reduce inflammation, assist with muscle recovery (after those backyard workouts) and liver cleansing.

Along with quality sleep, good eating habits and exercise, Mrs Toddy’s Tonics will help support your immunity.

Get a 6-pack delivered to your home and try it for a week.

Mrs Toddy's Tonics

Fruit & Flowers For Breakfast

Drunken Sailor’s floral twist to an otherwise classic chunky strawberry jam takes their Strawberry Rose Jam to a new level.

In our opinion, this one truly deserves to be put on a pedestal.

Delicious enjoyed on sourdough. Or if you’re in the mood for baking, pile some on fresh home-baked scones with a dollop of clotted cream.

Drunken Sailor Jams Strawberry Rose Jam

Range Tasmania’s lively Bitter-Sweet Whole Fruit Marmalade will wake up your taste buds and your morning croissant. While not as bitter as Seville marmalade, traditionalists will appreciate the tangy sweetness that results from the perfect balance of sweet oranges, a touch of lemon and minimal sugar.

It is made from Australian grown whole fruit with plenty of medium-cut peel and no added juice or concentrates.

This one is a masterclass in marmalade. Don’t give trying it a second thought.

Range Tasmania Bitter Orange Marmalade Jam

Lunch In Lockdown

Rather than simply eating the same salad, wrap or sandwich every day while you’re working from home, having a variety of dressings on hand will be a real tastebud saver.

We may not be able to get out to our favourite café, but we can add a splash or a dollop of deliciousness to transport us to another place.

If wraps are your go-to lunch fare, then you’re in for a treat if you try Lang Gourmet’s Macadamia Ginger Chilli Satay. Try it with shredded chicken and salad. It’s a spicy tasty sauce full of exotic spices and Queensland grown macadamia nuts.

And then you can double down at dinner by using it as a quick marinade for prawns, fish or grilled vegetables. Also you can try the Gluten-free Ekka Strawberry Jam. Yum!

Lang Gourmet Macadamia Chilli Ginger Satay

Travel Around The World At Dinner Time

The evening meal is when you can really get creative and take your tastebuds on a world tour without packing your suitcase.

So, transport yourself to vacy, or should we say staycay mode, with these small-batch, big-flavour Australian made condiments.

For an Asia-inspired dish,

  • Range Tasmania’s Sesame Chilli Condiment has just the right amount of spice that is complemented by rich aromatic ingredients.
  • Stunning in stir fries, Asian style chicken soup, dumplings or a piece of grilled salmon.

Thinking Mexico?

  • Ditch the run of the mill salsa and add a generous spoonful of Drunken Sailor Canning Co.'s Jalapeño & Tequila Relish to tacos, nachos, or pulled pork instead. (see bonus recipe below)
Since we are so close, how about an American burger joint?
  • Lang Gourmet’s Smokey Steak Sauce will take you there.
  • Try it on a steak or a home-made burger.
  • Yum!

And if you’re just as comfy in your own Aussie backyard 

  • Dangermates Chilli has you covered.
  • From low heat Spicy Tomato Sauce with just enough chilli to make things interesting.
  • To their best-seller, 10/10 blow your socks off Almost Death chilli sauce that will make your BBQ fare irresistibly spicy. (This one also makes an excellent hot sauce gift.) 
    Range Tasmania Sesame Chilli
    Sesame Chilli Condiment on grilled salmon

    Let’s Not Forget Dessert

    Salted Caramel Sauce! That’s all we have to say. 

    You’re welcome.

    Salted Caramel Sauce

    Bonus Recipe

    For lathering generously on your choice of burger, fried chicken, or cheeseburger.

    "The Not-So-Secret Burger Sauce" from Justin at Drunken Sailor Canning Co.

    You’ll need,

    Blend the Smokey Tomato Relish and the Jalapeño & Tequila Relish together until smooth. Add to mayonnaise and stir until combined.

    It works on anything. Enjoy.

    Condiments & Jams Make Great Gifts

    Not only are these gourmet goodies great in your pantry, they also make great care packs and gifts. 

    For your foodie friends, a gourmet care pack could be just the thing to lift their spirits. Check out our full range of quality gourmet products.  

    You'll not only make the gift recipient feel loved, but you will also be helping Remarkable Humans make a difference to the lives and livelihoods of Aussies around the country, by supporting an Australian made food and beverage products business.

    Browse our curated marketplace today and discover more gift ideas for her, for him, and for baby today.

    That’s The Lockdown Low Down

    All that’s left to do now is pop a few in your cart and a bunch of Aussie made condiments will be delivered straight to your home.

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