Top Trend Christmas 2020 – Buy From The Bush to Support Local

Top Trend Christmas 2020 – Buy From The Bush to Support Local

A Current Affair 2020-12-03

– Thursday 3 December 2020 –

In The Media

We were so proud to have appeared on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair in the lead up to Christmas this year.

The response we have received from sharing our story and what we are doing to help support Australian brands this Christmas has been incredible.

Twenty-twenty has been a year to remember, and the roller-coaster ride for many local small businesses is not over yet. We’ve all been touched in some way by the effects of last summer’s bushfires and floods, and the compounding hit from the global coronavirus pandemic.

So, it was our pleasure and privilege to showcase some of the fabulous Australian Made brands we've been working with these last few months. Shout outs for awesome Australian gift ideas go to Aequora Skincare, Australian Diamond Valley, Dangermates Chilli, Drunken Sailor Canning Co., Humbl Skincare, Jackson Miles, Lük Beautifood, Lyre’s Spirit Co., Novellus Skincare, Rohr Remedy.


See us in action below, interviewed alongside some other inspiring Australian brands.

A Current Affair 2020-11-29

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